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Profile Pics on Tecker!

Posted in by Plaz on the June 30th, 2007

Tecker is proud to announce a feature which has been wanted for a long time now, profile pics! Tecker user’s can now upload their reasonably-sized non-transparent PNGs, JPEGs, and GIFs. After uploading a picture, you will need to crop it into a square. Click on the top right corner of what you want to keep and then click on the right side of your new profile pic. We will show you what your new pic will look like. If you don’t like it, click outside the blue area on your pic and pick a new area. After you are satisfied, click “next” and we will crop your image to 40 by 40 for use around the site.

We think that our profile pic cropper is better then ones used on some of the leading community websites. What do you think?

We are also making some minor changes around the site. The user’s page now has the user’s username instead of a generic title. Also we are rolling out profile pics around the site. Now they are already on the list of questions, a user’s page and on a question page
for askers and answers.

Stay tuned to this blog for a big upcomming announcement from Tecker. Meanwhile, set your profile pics now!