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Podcasters Needed!

Posted in by Plaz on the June 11th, 2007

Tecker will soon launch a new podcast network. We are looking for podcaster to join us. We are especially looking for teen podcasters, like us.

  • Network: A network of similar technology oriented podcasts to cross-promote with.
  • Promotion: Advertising on the Tecker network.
  • Website: We take care of the website, RSS feeds, and all of those pesky technical details.
  • Hosting: We pay the bandwidth bills.
  • Creative Control: You maintain creative control over your shows. However, Tecker, does retain veto power over shows
  • Copyright: Your shows remain copyrighted by you.
  • Non-exclusivity: Promo your stuff wherever you want.
  • People: Teckcasts has a network of experienced podcasters to help get you started or have guests on your show.
  • Music: We can connect you with someone to make a theme song for you.
  • Ideas: We can offer you some ideas for your shows.

In return we ask that for a plug for the network. (We will make up a plug soon). In addition, the show must meet the rules we are currently writing.

So contact us with your ideas!