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Tecker is dead!

Posted in by Plaz on the September 7th, 2008

So it’s been 2 summers and a school year since I last looked at Tecker code. I have moved on to other things now, especially GridView, which has really grown popular with 900,000 users. Tecker never grew to more than 200 users. Michael Gdovin does not want to continue with coding Tecker because he has not yet really learned PHP.

Still Tecker was a great place to learn how to code PHP and MySQL. I’m sure the code is a mess, as I have further developed my PHP coding skills with SeniorQuoter, GridView, and Videre.

I would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn PHP to create a product like Tecker was. This is really far more motivating than just doing the tutorials and forces you to look beyond the tutorials. For example, while I was making Tecker I spent hours Googleing for how to get something done the way I wanted. I would have never done that if I was just going through the tutorials. (I can now program with 1/10 of the Googleing) Creating a product is also much more motivating. All in all, Tecker was a great 10th Grade project.

Tecker 911 still growing strong with 51 episodes! Tecker 911′s original plan was to answer questions from Tecker. I was debating if I should make a separate show, or rename our informational segments, “Tecker 411″. The 411 concept has been all that 911 is, but I still like the 911 name better. Check out Tecker 911!