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Send Message and Improved Feedback

Posted in by Plaz on the March 28th, 2007

Tecker now has a page where you can send messages to other users. The page lets you fill in a Tecker user’s username along with a subject and body to be emailed to them. We’re using email because that’s something you check everyday and personally I detest internal messaging systems. The recipient will get the message in their email. When they reply, they will write straight back to you via email. Your email address on Tecker is never revealed unless you send someone a message or reply to something they sent you.  Links to email users are on each user’s user page.
We also have improved the feedback form. When you are logged in, your username is automatically sent to us along with some information about your account. In addition, we can now see some information about your computer which your browser provides (such as your OS and browser version). This is called the “user agent string”. This information should better help us solve your problems and cries for help.

Thanks again for using Tecker.

Tecker featured in On The Net Episode 4

Posted in by Plaz on the March 18th, 2007

Tecker has been featured in the podcast “On The Net” in episode 4.  On The Net is hosted by Shane of SJTechZone.  SJTechZone is a also valuable contributer to Tecker.
Take a listen: http://onthenet.podbean.com/2007/03/13/otn4-teckernet/

We are pleased to see that Tecker is being noticed and promoted by others without us doing it.  This is the first coverage of Tecker of which we know of that was entirely user generated.  We thank Shane and SJTechZone for their coverage of Tecker.

New Site Boxes and Interface Tweaks

Posted in by Plaz on the March 4th, 2007

On Tecker, you might note the new site boxes along with a few interface tweaks. The sidebar is no longer cut off on the side because the content is not long enough. There is a new min-height for the content area to prevent this. In addition, we cleaned up the style sheets a bit to make our lives easier and have them download faster. On Wednesday the site might have looked a bit weird as we fixed IE6 layout problems. Sorry about that.
But the big new things are the new message boxes. We added friendly looking boxes which tell you if there is an error, a tip, or after something has been done. Here’s an example:

Message Boxes

These let you see at a glance when an action has been accomplished. In addition, after you ask a question or answer one you are taken instantly to it, reducing the number of pages you see. This will be rolled out to more pages soon. The icons are from the silk icon set 1.3 by Mark James. We hope you like them. Should we add more icons to Tecker? Tell us by commenting to this post, or sending us feedback. We love to hear from you!
These changes are not yet on Conflicter, bear with us as we sync the code.