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Advertisement Oppertunities on Tecker

Posted in by Plaz on the February 27th, 2007

As you may note, Tecker now has advertising on it.  Advertising will ensure that Tecker remains free to use in the the future, as well as help contributing towards our college fund;).  That said, we are now accepting advertising from interested companies.  The primary ad area will be a 728×90 banner on the top of every page to the right of the logo.  Ad positions will be sold at flat fee to cover a certain percentage of all Tecker page views within a certain time period.  If your interested in advertising on the social computer help network, review our advertising page, and then contact us.

PS. You might notice not much happened on Tecker lately.  I took the past few weeks off to work on SeniorQuoter, the easy way to collect senior quotes for high school yearbooks.  I released a basic 1.0 version available for a free download.  Also, I made major updates to ThePlaz.com, and finished the robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition.  My partner, Mike has been working on his site w3life.  We’ve both made it through a quarter of school and started the long process of thinking about college.  We hope to ad more to Tecker in the future.

Conflicter Now Open!

Posted in by Plaz on the February 4th, 2007

Conflicter, the new place for frank discussion on current social and international issues is now open.  Conflicter is a derivative of Tecker and uses the same code.  Both sites run  their own systems meaning users, categories, etc. exists totally seperate from one another.
I got the idea for Conflicter from my World Cultures Teacher, Mr. Cobb.  His 10th grade history class emphases critical thinking and current issues.  One of his key points it that societies’ mores and values blocks free discussions between different religions, races, etc.  People are afraid to talk about issues because they are afraid to offend people.  This prevents different cultures from understanding each other and continues to build walls between others.  These walls build tension and mis-understanding which creates hatred and bigotry.  Throughout history, one can find examples of how bigotry has divided society and created un-equals.  This creates violence and hatred.  This leads to war, persecution, and genocides.

The time is now to end the persistent hatred throughout our world.  And understanding others is one of the keys achieving that peace.  Because once we understand others, we are less likely to go to war against them or campaign for their annihilation.
However, too free discussions have also hurt us in the past.  Things are taken too far, and the outcome actually hurts society.  Conflicter aims to nurture a community which lives in the middle where free discussions can be lead without the threats of violence or bad words.  Threats and negative speech are not acceptable on Conflicter.

For the World Cultures project I wanted to do something lasting, something more then just a poster or a copy of my research paper on a minisite.  So that’s why I adopted Tecker to create Conflicter.  So let’s try to understand each other to attempt to end international conflicts. Enjoy. http://conflicter.org

-Plaz, Conflicter founder and Tecker co-founder

January ’07

Posted in by Plaz on the February 2nd, 2007

We had a busy month in January 2007 at Tecker. We fixed some bugs and added administration features.  Unfortunately, it was also the end of the semester at school, so that meant projects and exams took our time away.  In addition we worked on sub-projects like Tecker 911 and Conflicter.  I (ThePlaz) am also a member of our school’s FIRST robotics team, and this is our peak season.  In addition, I added a bunch of stuff to my personal website, ThePlaz.com and am launching a new open source project real soon.

So back to Tecker, we added a complete set of controls for categories which Tecker administrators can use.  They can add categories and edit them.  They can change a categories’ parent as well as the name.  In addition, when a category is deleted, they can select a new category which any sub-categories and/or questions are move to.  However the move is only attempted if any sub-categories or questions exist in that category.  This is all only for admins, so you won’t see it but it makes our lives much easier.
Then there are some small, public changes.  There’s a new “random question” link in the sidebar and on the bottom of each “question” pages.  The feedback email link has been replaced with a form to make it easier to send us mail.  We also fixed a few bugs like the one where every answer was treated as a response to a previous answer.  Also the list of questions now shows you your query in the heading.  Plus there are some more little things here and there.
Conflicter will be open soon.  I’m busy adapting it to a non-tech setting (for example, removing geekiness ratings) and making it ready for visitors.  Look for it in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned to this blog for updates.
Tecker 911, our video netcast showing how to use technology relevant to your life is going strong.  Over the month I edited 4 more episodes which will be released soon.  In addition the show also started its run on Channel 11, the local school access channel in Havertown, Pennsylvania.  We’re like mini-celebrities in our school and hometown.

Finally, our appearance on the 8th episode of net@nite was a big boost for us.  We went from 21 to 49 registered users, and had over a thousand unique visitors, according to Google Analytics.  However the majority of those visitors visited us directly (by typing in the URL).  This shows the strength of word-of-mouth referrals and/or podcast (like Tecker 911).  We are continuing to grow strongly and continue to add features.

-Plaz – Tecker co-founder and CTO