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Tecker Holiday Gifts

Posted in by Plaz on the December 27th, 2006

Over holiday break we have been working on some new features. We hope you like them!
First: sort by username. Now you can add to the list page URL http://tecker.net/list.php?username=ThePlaz to see all of my questions. Or replace ThePlaz with the username you want to search by. Before you had to know my user number; but no more do you need to take this extra step.
But we know that this adding to the URL filtering business is confusing. So we have created an easy sorting interface. http://tecker.net/list_filter.php For starters, you can filter by username and geekiness rating. In addition you can restrict your search to the latest 24 hours only. Lastly, there is a link to select a category. You filters stay in place even while filtering by category.
List of Questions Filter Interface

As always, these sorts still apply to the RSS feed of questions.  Just sort the list of questions the way you want and click on the RSS icon in your browser to get a feed exactly like the list you just set up.

Also new is caching for the stats on the sidebar.  They update every 10 minutes now, reducing the load on the server, which speeds up page requests.
Enjoy your Tecker holiday features, and post questions about your holiday gear!


New JavaScript Category Selection

Posted in by Plaz on the December 16th, 2006

Now on Tecker, when you go to select categories, either when asking questions, or trying to filter the list, you will notice there is now a handy tree to drill down.  Before we had a 7 page long list you had to scroll through, but that’s no more.

In addition, the old list was coded by hand.  This one is dynamically generated from the database, so it can be updated easier.  We are still working on a non-JavaScript version similar to what we had before.  But for now, enjoy!

Ask: http://tecker.net/ask.php

Filter: http://tecker.net/list_cats.php 

See a screenshot below:

JavaScript Category Selection

Tecker .5

Posted in by Mike Gdovin on the December 3rd, 2006

Tecker .5 milestone has just been completed and we have a few new features. Most of these are small little enhancements.
The first new feature is on the start page where you can see the latest 5 questions which have been asked to Tecker. Also on the question page you will see responder buttons. These let you hold nested discussions (to 1 level only now) about that question. Feel free to comment and respond to what is being asked.
We also made some smaller changes. When you log in, you will be returned to the page you were on. On the During this time, we also worked on a vectorized logo, so it can be streched as big or as small as we want it to be without getting pixelated. We also had a few bug fixes that made our site look and work better.

The reason there are not as many changes this time is because we have been working on Tecker 911 and Conflicter, in addition to migrating to vector logos.

Michael Plasmeier


Mike Gdovin