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Conflicter Introduction

Posted in by Plaz on the November 23rd, 2006

Tecker will be launching a new service called Conflicter at conflicter.org. Conflicter is dedicated to ending global conflict through frank discussions about current issues.

Conflicter uses the same code base as Tecker, and might even share the users database. Conflicter will launch in the next few weeks.

Conflicter is part of my World Cultures Project for English 10. See the formal proposal after the break:
Conflicter Logo

Vector Logos

Posted in by Plaz on the November 22nd, 2006

We are redoing all of the Tecker logos to be based off a scalable vector graphic. An SVG allows us to size the logo to any size, and it will still look perfect. When you scale a normal image, it will become pixelated. Vector graphics are actually just instructions on recreating lines and letters on a grid. Simple multiplying lets them fit every size. This means that the logos can be cleaner with less compression artifacts.

Over the next week, all of the Tecker logos will be based off of the vector version. Below is a sample:

Tecker Logo

Tecker .4 Milestone

Posted in by Mike Gdovin on the November 12th, 2006

We have just completed the Tecker (http://tecker.net) .4 Milestone!

First thing you will notice is that the personal tools have moved to the left hand side!
The big thing this week is that we got categories working! Finally! When you ask a question, you will be asked to select a category. Afterwards, click on “Categories” on the left, you will see this list of categories. Clicking on them will restrict the list of questions to only that category. We don’t have categories fully working yet, however. We need to add the ability to see questions in sub-categories in the list. For example, if you select the Windows category, you should see questions from all of the versions of Windows.

You can also now filter the list of questions by user and geekiness rating, as well as limiting to questions posted in the last 24 hours. The ability to see and filter by the number of answers is coming soon. Currently, the filtering must still be entered by hand (http://tecker.net/view.php?id=36) but we’re working on an interface to make it easier.

Additionally, we have added RSS which allows you to subscribe to the the list of questions posted on Tecker. You will receive the list in your RSS aggregator of choice. RSS feeds are available for any way you can sort the list of questions. Just configure the list how you want it (see above), and then look for the RSS icon in your browser. One option is to subscribe to certain user’s feeds so you can automatically receive the questions posted by that user.
Lastly, if you are the first to answer the questions, the question type “First” will be automatically selected. We will be doing more with this ability to auto-select types soon.
Mike Gdovin




Tecker’s Back Online with Categories!

Posted in by Plaz on the November 4th, 2006

Tecker is back online now. I got a good five and a half hours of work in today. The major change we added was the category system. This means you must now select a category when asking a question. In addition this category is displayed on the question’s page. Sorry, but you still can’t sort the list by anything, including categories. This is the next feature we will release!  Also, we also added a stats column on the left side, and checked the site in IE7.  There was only a small mistake that is now fixed.  Yesterday, we moved the personal tools from the top to the side to fill that space.
Update: Sorry, I actually forgot to upload the changes to the upload filter back online.  It should work now.

Tecker is Down

Posted in by Plaz on the November 4th, 2006

Tecker will be down for the next few hours from 1PM EST to about 4PM EST on 11/4/2006, while we add new features.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but were making Tecker better!