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Tecker .3 Features

Posted in by Plaz on the October 31st, 2006

Now that we released Tecker (http://tecker.net) to the public, we can reveal what we added for the .3 milestone.  The most important ting, of course, was the ability to answer questions.  We have a page to write answers, and updated the view page to also show answers.  Lastly, we added an admin interface to edit and delete answers.  We added a deletion log for questions and answers.

We also worked a lot on our Tecker 911 podcast (http://911.tecker.net).  We have picked the theme song, hired another person to be on the show and brainstormed the intro.  We are filming it in a few weeks to get the first episode out soon.  We were planing to start in January, but we may start earlier.

We also wrote and added a legal page. In the footer, we added logos and optimized the logos on our sites.  On our release day, we added a geekiness rating for questions, let special character be placed in question titles, and hid deleted questions and answers from showing up on the list

We hope you enjoy Tecker

-ThePlaz (plaz@tecker.net)

Tecker Open to the Public!!!

Posted in by Plaz on the October 31st, 2006

Tecker (http://tecker.net) is now open to the public!!!!  Come check us out.  Give us your feedback at feedback@tecker.net


(PS More details about what we improved coming soon!)

Public Alpha coming on Halloween!

Posted in by Plaz on the October 28th, 2006

Don’t forget Tecker will open up to the public as an Alpha release on Halloween (October 31, 2006)  Come check out a very basic version of the site we’ve worked long and hard on.

.2 Screenshots

Posted in by Plaz on the October 24th, 2006

Here are some screen shots of some pages added in the .2 milestone:
Ask Questions Interface  – Ask Questions Interface

View Questions – List Questions Basic Interface

-All for now


Tecker .2 Milestone Done!!!!

Posted in by Mike Gdovin on the October 13th, 2006

We have finished the Tecker .2 milestone!

We added the functionality to view, sort, and break into pages the list of users; as well as an administrator interface to edit and delete uses. We also finished a basic version of the most important piece of Tecker, which is the Ask Questions page.

In addition we made a basic version of a script which lists all of the questions.  We also built an administrator interface to edit and delete questions.  Lastly, we added a basic version of the page which shows a single question.

Tecker .3 Milestone (that’s Alpha) will be done in a few weeks.  Then, we’ll open it up to the public and give you a chance to play with Tecker too!

Mike G.