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Tecker Milestone .1 Finished!

Posted in by Mike Gdovin on the September 23rd, 2006

Hey everyone! We’ve been hard at work and last weekend (9/20/06) we completed the .1 milestone of Tecker. This version allows users to registration system, activation, logging in and out, forgetting and changing the password and qualifications, as well as the overall framework for the site’s pages.

Here’s some screenshots to enjoy of our temporary homepage:

Home Screen Logged in .1 - Logged In
Home Logged out .1 - Logged Out
We will announce when we reach our next internal milestones (actually asking questions!) and when our public alpha comes out. Stay Tuned!
Mike G.


What Tecker is!

Posted in by Mike Gdovin on the September 20th, 2006

And finnaly,…this is the moment that you have all been waiting for…. What is Tecker?

Tecker will be a technology help website with a social twist. If you have a computer related issue then you can post your problems and other users can answer your problem. There will soon be a friends feature so you can contact all of your friends quickly.

In the future, you will be able select your favorite categories. We will automatically choose the most interesting questions and answers for you on your homepage. Now all we got to do is complete the interesting-ness algorithem.

A live chat will also occur later when Tecker is almost complete. This will allow the communities ask Plaz and I questions about Tecker. The date for that chat will be released in a while. I am responsible for the chats.

I hope to post again soon. Meanwhile you can leave Plaz and I, your comments on this blog. Or email us at feedback@tecker.net
Mike G.


Were Working Hard…

Posted in by Plaz on the September 14th, 2006

We hard at work on Tecker, that is when we don’t have homework. :) Tonight was a lucky night for me, and I managed to get a lot done.  You can’t actually see it because we have an IP Address filter, but we are trying to get this out as soon as we can to you guys.  Right now the server is spraying out private information and the site isn’t actually doing much.  Tomorrow it should be taking registrations and logging people in.  This section should be easy, as I am using a pre-built set of scripts for access control.

Soon we get to tell you what Tecker is….

Plaz’s Bio

Posted in by Plaz on the September 12th, 2006

ThePlaz's Old and New LogoMichael Plasmeier – Michael, otherwise known as ThePlaz, has been a life long friend of technology. Michael remembers amazing his kindergarten teacher with his technology skills.

Michael PlasmeierMichael runs his own website, ThePlaz.com, where he posts his school reports and various articles. He is also the co-founder and director of technology of Tecker, a social question and answers website. He is also the creator of its non-profit derivative, Conflicter, dedicated to ending global conflicts though discussions.

Michael is a straight-A sophomore at Haverford High School and is 15 years old. He is a regular anchor of H-Vision, the school’s morning news program and a member of the school’s award wining robotics club, Team 484.

Michael also has some acting and technical theater experience. He has acted in three shows while he was at Haverford Middle School, stage managed a fourth, and was a casting consultant for a fifth. Through the People’s Light and Theater Company’s youth school, he has performed at the National Constitution Center in downtown Philadelphia. Currently, he volunteers at People’s Light in the lighting department.

Mike G’s Bio

Posted in by Mike Gdovin on the September 12th, 2006

Michael GdovinMichael Gdovin – Mike originally thought that computer skills were worthless and would never be needed but, this was probably because he was using a Windows 3.0 computer. He started using a computer for typing school work because according to his one teacher his handwriting looks like “Someone writing with a broken foot.” He met Michael Plasmeier in 1st grade and taught Mike a lot about technology. (Mike recently found out that they went to the same Pre-school, and he could have become a computer prodigy at an early age).

By 7th grade mike knew what he wanted to do as a career he wanted to do for a career he wanted to become a computer programmer. At that time Mike was using his Mom’s crappy Windows ME computer but, he learned quickly computer basics and then advanced skills. However, he still has yet to learn how to program. He was a member of his Middle School computer club, Tech Time, for his full three years of Middle School. It was in Tech Time that he was first introduced to Linux and Macintosh, which he despised for many years until he realized they are better than PCs. He also met Ed Rochon and other people he would eventually hire for W3life.

When he entered Haverford High School he was still very close friends with Michael Plasmeier. Plasmeier then started his own website, theplaz.com in February 2006 and Mike realized that the future of technology was on the internet. He spent a lot of his freshmen year of High School listening to podcasts like: This Week In Tech and Security Now from Leo Laporte’s TWiT Network. He also watched DL.TV and Cranky Geeks from Ziff-Davis along with Diggnation, and thebroken from Revision3. These podcasts were very educational for Mike; he also watched old episodes of The Screen Savers and call for help from the old TechTV network. He learned a lot about the newest technological advances and what was going on the the Technology Business. One Podcast that helped Mike a lot was Inside the Net, now net@nite, with Amber MacArthur. This Podcast shows the web 2.0 companies like Digg, YouTube and Revision3. (Editors Note: Mike recently was on net@nite promoting Tecker [More Info]) This gave Mike a great idea, make a web 2.0 company and not bother learning how to program! He began to brainstorm and it came to him one day, a social computer help network. He created Tecker with old friend Michael Plasmeier and soon after Tecker 911 podcast.

On November 1st Mike established W3life Internet Media with several friends from Tech Time. W3life is a Blogging network and is now beginning to going into podcasting to fill in the black hole of content that was made after TechTV was ruined by G4.

Fun Facts:

  • Mike is a freeware advocate and does a blog on w3life every week on freeware.w3life.com
  • Mike hates G4
  • Mike wants to transform W3life into a major internet media network with podcasts and blogs

First Post – Introduction

Posted in by Mike Gdovin on the September 11th, 2006

Welcome to the development blog for Tecker (tecker.net), new project from Mike and Plaz (theplaz.com) We’re high school students in a Philadelphia suburb. We’ll release more details about Tecker in the near future. As well as tell you what it is….

Right now it’s just the two of us, but we might get more people aboard in the future. Plaz will do the intense coding and Mike will do some coding but will be in charge of this development blog.

I hope to post one to two times a week, depending on how fast we are developing. We will also keep you informed on our progress. Please feel free to subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed but, also check the website out to see new features.

Thank You,

Mike G.