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Tecker is dead!

Posted in by Plaz on the September 7th, 2008

So it’s been 2 summers and a school year since I last looked at Tecker code. I have moved on to other things now, especially GridView, which has really grown popular with 900,000 users. Tecker never grew to more than 200 users. Michael Gdovin does not want to continue with coding Tecker because he has not yet really learned PHP.

Still Tecker was a great place to learn how to code PHP and MySQL. I’m sure the code is a mess, as I have further developed my PHP coding skills with SeniorQuoter, GridView, and Videre.

I would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn PHP to create a product like Tecker was. This is really far more motivating than just doing the tutorials and forces you to look beyond the tutorials. For example, while I was making Tecker I spent hours Googleing for how to get something done the way I wanted. I would have never done that if I was just going through the tutorials. (I can now program with 1/10 of the Googleing) Creating a product is also much more motivating. All in all, Tecker was a great 10th Grade project.

Tecker 911 still growing strong with 51 episodes! Tecker 911′s original plan was to answer questions from Tecker. I was debating if I should make a separate show, or rename our informational segments, “Tecker 411″. The 411 concept has been all that 911 is, but I still like the 911 name better. Check out Tecker 911!

Tecker’s Beta!!!

Posted in by Plaz on the July 4th, 2007

Tecker is ready for Beta! We have all of our core features now and are ready to kick it up a notch.

All today (July 4th, 2007) we’ve been adding a few things here and there, to get us ready for beta. You can now see the time and date when a question or answer was submitted. In addition you can now see the geekiness rating of a question on its page or on the list of questions. When you respond to a previous answer (that is clarify, correct, or extend it) you can now see and reference that answer while you are composing your own.

In addition, when you answer a question and already happen to be subscribed to email notifications for it, the check box to subscribe for email alerts on the answers page is already checked. If you un-check it you will be unsubscribed from alerts.

Also, on a user’s page, we now display the average geekiness of questions the user has asked. In addition, we made it easier to see where to change your profile pic.

Lastly, we’ve improved our administration tools to help make our job’s easier.

So you should be seeing more neat things from Tecker to help solve your technology problems. Tell us what you think!

Profile Pics on Tecker!

Posted in by Plaz on the June 30th, 2007

Tecker is proud to announce a feature which has been wanted for a long time now, profile pics! Tecker user’s can now upload their reasonably-sized non-transparent PNGs, JPEGs, and GIFs. After uploading a picture, you will need to crop it into a square. Click on the top right corner of what you want to keep and then click on the right side of your new profile pic. We will show you what your new pic will look like. If you don’t like it, click outside the blue area on your pic and pick a new area. After you are satisfied, click “next” and we will crop your image to 40 by 40 for use around the site.

We think that our profile pic cropper is better then ones used on some of the leading community websites. What do you think?

We are also making some minor changes around the site. The user’s page now has the user’s username instead of a generic title. Also we are rolling out profile pics around the site. Now they are already on the list of questions, a user’s page and on a question page
for askers and answers.

Stay tuned to this blog for a big upcomming announcement from Tecker. Meanwhile, set your profile pics now!

AJAX Editing Now for IE

Posted in by Plaz on the June 23rd, 2007

As promised, today we finished the user profile page AJAX editing for Internet Explorer. We know it works in IE 6 and 7, but are unsure about older versions. IE users can now edit their profiles without page loads, almost instantaneously changing their names or bio.

Tecker is on AJAX

Posted in by Mike Gdovin on the June 20th, 2007

Tecker‘s been hard at work (not hardly working) on improving the interface for the users. We especially needed to work with the user’s pages. After days of hard work, you can now edit your bio, name, and email address without leaving the page! This was done by using AJAX. It currently works in Firefox and Safari. We also reformed the system for non-AJAX capable browsers, which was previously a mess of several different pages. The cool AJAX system currently doesn’t work in Internet Explorer. This should be fixed soon.

Update 6/23/2007: They now work in IE 6 and 7!

We’ve taken special care with these new features to keep you informed with what’s going on and they degrade nicely in older browsers. We haven’t seen this level of AJAX integration on most sites, and we are quite proud of how they work.

You will also note a new “My Account” link in the sidebar which brings a lot of stuff together.

Check this out and tell us what you think. Here’s what we’ve been working on today (6/20/2007):
Tecker To-Do 6/20/2007

Podcasters Needed!

Posted in by Plaz on the June 11th, 2007

Tecker will soon launch a new podcast network. We are looking for podcaster to join us. We are especially looking for teen podcasters, like us.

  • Network: A network of similar technology oriented podcasts to cross-promote with.
  • Promotion: Advertising on the Tecker network.
  • Website: We take care of the website, RSS feeds, and all of those pesky technical details.
  • Hosting: We pay the bandwidth bills.
  • Creative Control: You maintain creative control over your shows. However, Tecker, does retain veto power over shows
  • Copyright: Your shows remain copyrighted by you.
  • Non-exclusivity: Promo your stuff wherever you want.
  • People: Teckcasts has a network of experienced podcasters to help get you started or have guests on your show.
  • Music: We can connect you with someone to make a theme song for you.
  • Ideas: We can offer you some ideas for your shows.

In return we ask that for a plug for the network. (We will make up a plug soon). In addition, the show must meet the rules we are currently writing.

So contact us with your ideas!

Interview with Tecker Founders by SJTechZone

Posted in by Plaz on the June 3rd, 2007

SJTechZone a podcast network and Tecker addicts. They recently (6/2/2007) interview me (Plaz) and my partner Mike Gdovin about Tecker and Tecker 911. We talked about our visions for the site and some upcoming features to Tecker. We talk about DNScoop, a domain value tool. We also mentioned systm and w3life. We also plugged our web host, 1and1.com and migrating your website. The audio quality was bit poor, so sorry about that.

Listen Now:


New Answer Types and Refined Colors

Posted in by Plaz on the May 20th, 2007

Avid Tecker user’s might have noticed some new types of answers on Tecker. We added the “request more information” type of answer to request more information about the question from the asker. When this happens, the asker of the question gets an email asking for more information. They can then provide more information about the question. When they do, everyone who has answered that question so far will receive an email informing them of the additional information. These request are also displayed similar to a normal answer on Tecker pages and RSS feeds, and you can extend, clarify, and correct these as well.

Also you might notice calmer colors for answer types. We are still refining the colors to make them relevant, but not jarring. For example, “different answer” should not be red, because these answer might be better then the first answer (which was green). The red seemed to signify that these were “bad” answers.

Also we have a streamlined and more secure answer page.

So get to Tecker and start making use of the new features.

Question RSS Feed

Posted in by Plaz on the May 14th, 2007

Tecker and Conflicter now have an RSS feed for every question. You can now subscribe to a particular question and receive updates in your feed reader whenever someone answers that question. Just look for the RSS icon in the corner of your browser.

As an added bonus, we fixed a bug in the feedback page, where you could not edit your email address to send us mail. Also we now include a link to the question when you receive an email alert.

Hope you like the new stuff. Write to us and tell us what you think. We read every comment.

Conflicter Updated

Posted in by Plaz on the April 29th, 2007

Conflicter, Tecker‘s sister site dedicated to ending global conflict through frank discussions about current issues has just been updated.  Conflicter now has all of the latest features which we have been adding for months to Tecker.  Make Conflicter lively with email alerts, and a new recent answers page.

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